Class A Barber to Cosmetology Operator

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The Class A Barber to Cosmetology Operator also known as Cosmetology Crossover will build upon the knowledge you already have as a Class A Barber and fill the gaps to prepare you in becoming a licesned cosmetologist.  


Students are guided by our Instructors through the three phases of study

Phase 1:  The Foundation Phase focuses on building the foundation of knowledge of cosmetology.  We dive deep into our theory covering everything from infection control, self image, anatomy, and technique for providing hair, skin and nail service.   Technical areas of study: - Anatomy - Chemistry - Electicity - Infection Control - Hair care including cut, style, color, relaxors, perms and much more - Nail care including manicure, acrylic nail and more - Skin care including facials and waxing

Phase 2: The Discovery Phase is were we get into working hands on using our maniquins and clients.  We begin to build our portfolios, implement business strategies that will be used to build your clientele.  

Phase 3: The Implementation Phase is were we begin to focus more on working hands on with clients in our student salon and with implimenting more advanced techniques. We gain experience with working in all areas of the salon including receptionist, dispensary and stylist. We begin to build our portfolios, implement business strategies that will be used to build your clientele.  

Each phase leads our future Class A Barber to Cosmetology Operator to taking on more advanced techniques and building real-world experience and confidence as they progress.  

Student Cosmetology Kit

Student Kit

Our Class A Barber to Cosmetology Operator kit is packed with all the essentials to begin your career as a cosmetologist.  Student kits include mannequin heads, hot styling tools, caps, combs and brushes, scissors and clips, and much more - ensuring you have everything you need to succeed in school, pass your exam and implement the additional services for your clients.

How much will it cost?

*For a Limited Time Tuition: $3599 Additional Book - Kit - Fees: Student permit Fee: $25 non-refundable Application Fee: $100 non-refundable Cosmetology Kit: $750 non-refundable subject to change without notice* Cosmetology Book: $305 non-refundable Application Fee: $100 non-refundable Total Down Payment: $1680 Total Tuition with Kit + Fees: $4779.00 *Supplies for advanced skill are additional. Terms and Conditions Apply* Contact Us for more information Total Tuition + Fees: $5,676.00 Tuition & Fee Breakdown: Tuition: $4,446.00 Student Kit: $750 (non-refundable once opened) Textbooks: $305 (non-refundable) Student Permit: $25.00 (non-refundable) Application Fee: $150 (non-refundable) Total initial investment: $1,450.00 Includes: - Application Fee - Kit Fee + Textbooks - Student Permit Fee - Deposit

How long will it take?

Hour requirement: 300 Length Full Time: 2.5 months Length Part Time: 5 months

When can I start?

New classes begining every month! Contact us to confirm next class start date.

What educational material will be used?

We are proud to partner with Milady for our educational resourses. - Milday Standard Cosmetology 13th edition - CIMA Digital Education System

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