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How am I going to pay for cosmetology school?

Congratulation! you've taken the first step in changing the trajectory of your future. You've made the decision to attend cosmetology school and now you are wondering how you will pay for it. Well. I'm here to help you along your search. Below is a list of 4 options to consider. It is important to note that The Beauty Pro University does not endorse any of the mentioned organizations or financing service providers. This list is for informational purposes only.

Financial Aid

I'm sure the first thought that comes to mind is financial aid. The process for applying for financial aid includes completing a FASFA application on . You will need to have to the Federal School Code to identify the school you are planning to attend to include on your application.  Once you fill out the application and it is reviewed; you will receive a financial aid determination. It will inform you of how much you are eligible for in regards to student loans and Pell grants. The benefit of the federal school loan is that payments on your student do not have to be paid until after completing school. Grants are considered free money for school and do not have to be repaid.

It is important to remember that not all cosmetology schools offer financial aid, so make sure you inquire with the school you are interested in attending.


There are a number of scholarships offered for those wanting to attend cosmetology school. Scholarship do not have to be repaid, however there could be guidelines you must follow in order to get and keep the scholarship.

A good place to begin your scholarship search:

Private Loan

Private bank loans are another way to fund your education. You can go to your local bank or search online for private education loan providers. A credit check will be completed to assess your payment history and credit score. If you have a low credit score, don't worry, there are still options for you. Loan payments are reported to the credit bureau so it is a great option for those needing to build credit. Payment terms and interested rates very from loan to loan. Some loan providers will offer a grace period before the loan is to be repaid. While others may require you to begin paying back while in school. H ere are a couple of resources to help get you started on your search.

Us New Money:

Fin Aid:

School In House Financing

Some schools offer in house financing options. How does it work. It works similar to a student loan however the financed amount will equal the cost of the program you are pursuing. The total cost of the program you are wanting to enroll in is broken down into payments that are to be paid while attending school. Some schools may allow you to break down the payments to extend beyond your graduation date. There will be interest added just like with any other payment plan. Some schools may report these payments to the three credit bureau helping to build a positive credit history. A credit check is performed to determine your credit score and payment history. Be sure to inquire about this option while meeting with the school.

In conclusion, know that there are option available for you to achieve you dream of becoming a lessened beauty professional. Talk to the administrators of the school and see which options they have available for you. Hopefully these resource help you on your search to financing your education. Here at The Beauty Pro University we offer in house financing, tuition scholarships and accept scholarships from third parties. Click here to find out more about our financing options or schedule a tour to meet with a admissions in person to get all of your questions answered.


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