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Is Dehydration Behind Your Hair Loss?

Water makes up almost two thirds of the human body. Digestion, energy levels, skin health, and organ function are all significantly influenced by water. So, it should come as no surprise that dehydration puts a strain on our liver and kidneys and can cause dry, uneven skin. Even the signs of anxiety and despair can be brought on by dehydration.

The health of our hair is greatly influenced by water. Dehydration can affect hair loss and make our hair brittle and prone to breakage because of this.

What Signs Point to Hair Dehydration?

More than just thirst are some of the signs that our bodies are dehydrated. We are essentially constituted of water, thus dehydration affects every bodily function. Among the signs of hair dehydration are:

· Lack of luster or dullness

· Increased fragility or breaking

· Dryness

How Does Hair Loss Affect Dehydration?

Can hydration truly help stop hair loss? Absolutely! Every cell and organ in our bodies uses water as fuel. Water and other nutrients are necessary for our scalp and hair follicles to function at their best. Our hair follicles and growth are kept active by water. Without water, our scalps may become dry and itchy, producing less sebum and slowing the growth of new hair.

Drinking more water will give your scalp the fluids it needs to sustain healthy hair, but it won't instantly restore the health of your scalp and hair. Think of it as one brick in the wall.

7 Ways to Cure Hair Loss and Dryness Caused by Dehydration

· Consume water-filled fruits.

· Get the Hydration Check app.

· Jazz Up Your Water

· Change to decaf

· Before each meal, add a glass of water.

· Determine Your Level of Activity

· Combine collagen with water.

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